Still Running - by Libby James

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Libby James didn't run in a race until 1976, the summer of her 40th birthday. Forty-two years later she's still at it. During that time she's had a wealth of experiences running marathons to 5ks; down the street from her home in Fort Collins, Colorado to touring downtown Tokyo in the 2012 marathon there. She's run up Pikes Peak a couple of times and in the Bolder Boulder 10k so many times she's lost count.

She had a big month in October 2016, the year she turned 80, setting age group records: a 5k world record in Syracuse, New York and a 15k American record in Tulsa, Oklahoma the same month. In 2017 she set an American age-group record in the Fortitude 10k in her hometown and in 2018 she beat the American record by more than nine minutes in the Shamrock 8k in Virginia Beach, Virginia. She is a member of the USATF Masters Running Hall of Fame and the Colorado Running Hall of Fame.

Still Running is her way of sharing: about the people she's met, the places she's been, the role running has played in her life. She describes the magic of her favorite sport to anyone curious about the fascination of putting one foot in front of the other over and over again.

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